Terms & Conditions



WelcomeUK Ltd (hereinafter called "WelcomeUK") is a duly incorporated company in Scotland, Company Registration Number 182470, Registered Address: 103 St. Leonard’s Street, Edinburgh EH8 9QY.

The following conditions will be incorporated into your contract and you should therefore read them carefully. If you have any query you should email us on info@welcomeuk.co.uk. By booking with WelcomeUK you confirm that you understand and agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. The Agent is responsible to pass all relevant information and documentation to their clients.


WelcomeUK arranges accommodation and travel services featured on our website to approved Tour Operators and Travel Agents hereinafter called the “Agent”.  Your contract is with us and is subject to the booking terms and conditions of contract.


WelcomeUK cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserve the right to cancel, amend or vary the arrangements featured in the WelcomeUK website without notice.


Any booking made or order placed by you shall be deemed to be an offer by you to purchase the relevant accommodation and/or travel arrangements subject to these booking conditions. No contract between you and WelcomeUK Ltd shall come into existence until WelcomeUK:
(a) issues a booking reference number;
(b) issues a booking confirmation by email, fax or post; and
(c) receives payment in full.


The Agent must send us enquiry in writing or complete the on-line booking form. The Agent who completes the on-line booking form is responsible for ensuring full payment for the services booked. The Agent is also responsible for keeping their customers informed as to the booking details.

The booking is confirmed when an on-screen confirmation or an email booking confirmation form have been sent to the Agent by WelcomeUK. It is advisable that the Agent prints out the on-screen confirmation at the time of booking and retain it for future information.

The Agent should provide their clients with a copy of the Booking Confirmation which should be presented to the hotel by the client at check-in. Failure to produce the confirmation at check-in may result in the hotel not honouring the reservation.

The confirmation clearly states what is covered in the rate quoted and additional charges incurred at the hotel will be at your expense. Cancellation of a booking will immediately invalidate the confirmation.


WelcomeuK will confirm the service booking by confirming your online enquiry or by sending an email or fax.  This confirmation will be held for 24 hours within which time the Agent should provide WelcomeUK with acceptance of the confirmation online or by email or fax. Failure to send acceptance of the confirmation will result in cancellation of the booking.

If we do not confirm the booking it means that the contract has not been made. Please carefully check the details on your on-screen confirmation booking voucher/email and all other documentation on receipt and inform us immediately of any errors. We do not accept liability for any errors not notified to us within 72 hours of the date of booking and it may not be possible to make corrections at a later stage.

Where WelcomeUK is unable to confirm the initial requested accommodation an alternative may be provided and an email notification will be sent to inform you of the details. The provisional reservation will be held for 24 hours in order for you to signify acceptance by sending us your confirmation. Failure to make a confirmation within 24 hours of the provisional booking confirmation for accommodation will result in automatic cancellation of the booking


All published rates are in British Pounds (GBP£) inclusive of all local taxes for hotel accommodation & services in UK; for Republic of Ireland - all published rates are in EUROs inclusive of all local taxes.

Accommodation rates are per person per night with meal plans as indicated.

WelcomeUK reserves the right to alter prices without warning. Welcome UK will not alter prices after it has issued a booking confirmation. The prices may only be altered to reflect a change in the rate of local taxes or for any other reason outside of the control of WelcomeUK, in which case the changes will be notified to the client. In the latter event the Agent may cancel the booking.


Payment in full is required 7 days prior to clients’ arrival, unless the Agent has a credit facility arranged with WelcomeUK. If payment is not received the booking may be cancelled.

Payments should be made by Bank Transfer.

Credit Card payments are accepted to cover accommodation only.

Credit card payments are subject to 1.5 % surcharge. Currency conversions will depend on current rate of exchange of the credit card company at the time of booking.

All our prices are shown in British Pounds (GBP£). If you wish to make payment in currency other than GBP, the exchange rate will fixed at the exchange rate of HSBC bank on the day of transfer.

1. The following cancellation charges will apply for FIT bookings:

If the cancellation is made:

a. Earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival  - £30 administration fee

b. 72 to 48 hours prior to arrival  - £30 administration fee + one night stay accommodation + 50% of booked travel services

c. less than 48 hours prior to arrival  - £30 administration fee + one night (in some circumstances full stay) accommodation + 100% of booked travel services

2. The following cancellation charges will apply for group bookings:

If the cancellation is made:

a. Earlier that 28 days prior to arrival  - £60 administration fee

b. 14 – 28 days prior to arrival   - £60 administration fee + 50% of total accommodation fee

c. 14 days – 48 hours prior to arrival  - £60 administration fee + 90% of total accommodation fee

d. Less than 48 hours    - £60 administration fee + 100% of total accommodation fee + 100% of total booked travel services

WelcomeUK will make all efforts to cancel bookings without incurring penalty charges from the service and accommodation providers. In this case WelcomeUK will not charge or will charge the Agent with the sum which has been demanded from the service and accommodation providers.

3. Train, flights, cultural, sport and other event tickets are non changeable and non refundable and will be charged at full price regardless of the time of cancellation.

4. Cancellation policy may change in times when special events like: trade fairs, exhibitions, major conferences or other major events are being held at the relevant location. The Agent will be notified at the time of booking if a Special Event applies.

5. Cancellations notified directly to the accommodation or travel service provides will not be effective. Requests for cancellations and amendments must be send in writing to the WelcomeUK Ltd.


Any changes for confirmed travel arrangements will be subject to availability.


The Agent must inform their clients that they are likely to be asked to pay a deposit or provide credit card details when they arrive at the hotel in order to cover supplementary charges that may incur during their stay.

We advise to leave deposit in cash to avoid delays with getting the amount on the card released, as it some cases it may take up to 4 weeks.


Accommodation star ratings are used to symbolise the overall quality, level of service, food standard and range of facilities available. The criteria vary depending on the specific requirements established by the relevant issuing body.

The Agent should note that there may be a difference between the size and services offered by the Continental and British accommodation of the same star rating, where British accommodation may be of lower standard.

The room types used by WelcomeUK are as follows:
• Twin room: Contains two single beds in the same room. Suitable for two people.
• Double room: Contains one double bed. Suitable for two people.
• Single room: Contains one single bed. Suitable for one person.
• Triple room: Contains twin or double bed/s + extra bed, or two double beds. Most hotels do not have one full size bed for each guest in their triple rooms.
• Twin room for sole use: Contains two single beds or one double bed in the same room, to be occupied by one person.
• Quad room: Contains two double beds or four beds in a room suitable for accommodating four adults.
• Twin/Double + child: Twin or Double room with an extra bed or sofa suitable for a child aged between 2-16 years old.
• Cot/cradle or crib: Suitable for a child under the age of 2 years.


Welcome UK purchase tickets from ticket brokers who normally sell them at price higher than the face value of the tickets. Sometimes this difference can be substantially over the face value of the ticket.

Tickets for all major events are subject to availability. Due to the nature of the business, delivery of the tickets may be as late as the day of the event. Seat number of tickets cannot be guaranteed together, neither can rows nor sections.

The full price of the booking must be paid immediately upon acceptance of the offer. Once a booking has been made tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Should an event for any reason be cancelled or rescheduled WelcomeUK will strictly only be liable for the face value of the ticket.
Please check tickets on delivery as mistakes can not be rectified at a later date.

It is your responsibility to confirm dates and times of the events. We will not be held responsible for errors or date or times changes of any event.

Weather conditions may affect travel to and from the event and may cause a postponement or cancellation of the event. Such circumstances are beyond the control of WelcomeUK and accordingly no refund for unused services, or allowance for the loss or enjoyment caused by weather conditions will be made by WelcomeUK

WelcomeUK will not be held responsible for industrial action taken by Royal Mail or any other delivery or courier company which may result in the delay of delivery or loss of tickets.

WelcomeUK will not be liable for any cancellation of or alteration to the booking or any loss or damage to the client arising out of circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to any act of god, natural disaster or act of terrorism.


The information provided by the Agent may be processed by Welcome UK for the purposes it has notified the Data Protection Registrar. By confirming the booking, The Agent consents to this processing of the information.

WelcomeUK respects the privacy of everybody who visits our website. The data collected will be used to firstly fulfil any service you might request and secondly to improve how, as a company, we serve you.

For your protection we are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and have given all appropriate notifications to the Information Commissioner.


We will under no circumstances give your personal data to third parties. However, unless you specifically ask us not to we will use your data to send you further information on WelcomeUK services and special offers.


We reserve the right to make changes or cancellations after the booking at any time, although we will endeavour not to make a major change or cancel the booking within 72 hours of the arrival date, except by reason of force majeure. If we have to make a major change to your arrangements after booking we will offer you the option of accepting the change or cancelling the booking and receiving a full refund of any monies paid to us. We do not accept responsibility for any expenses or costs you may incur as a result of any change.


We do not accept liability or pay compensation for any loss, damage or expense where the performance or prompt performance of our obligations is prevented or affected by reason of force majeure. Force Majeure means any event which we or the supplier of the service could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid such as war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, closure of airports or ports, technical problems with transport, governmental action and all other similar events.


At the time the booking is made, we issue a booking confirmation number and to the best of our knowledge at this time, the booking is valid. In the unlikely instance of the hotel failing to honour the booking then please refer to your booking confirmation and contact us immediately. We will do everything possible to offer you alternative accommodation.


In most cases the accommodation check in time is 14:00 (in certain hotels 15:00) and the check out time is 12:00. The Agent should advise its clients on the above check in and out times. Should the client fails to arrive at the hotel on the arrival date the entire booking will be cancelled. The room will not be available on any subsequent nights of the booking and cancellation charges will apply.


All comments or complaints regarding services provided by WelcomeUK should be made by the Agent to the Managing Director of WelcomeUK by post to 103 St. Leonard’s Street, Edinburgh EH8 9QY, Scotland, by fax: +44 87 00 42 57 36 or by email: scotland@welcomeuk.co.uk . The Agents clients should refer their comments and complaints to the Agent and not to WelcomeUK. Welcome UK will make all possible efforts to resolve sensible problems arising with the Agents clients whilst in the UK.


The liability of WelcomeUK to you is limited to the higher: GBP£ 1,000 or to the value of the booking made with WelcomeUK. To the extend permitted in law, all conditions, warranties or obligations whether express or implied by statue, common law or otherwise are excluded and these terms shall apply in their place.

The Agent hereby acknowledges that WelcomeUK acts on behalf of the Agent in arranging the bookings and that WelcomeUK will not be liable for any misrepresentations, negligence, contractual or tortuous loss of any kind whatsoever suffered by the Agents clients or any due to any act or omission by or on behalf of any third party

Disputes arising out of, or in connection with, this contract which cannot be amicably settled may be referred to arbitration, if the customer so wishes, under a special Scheme which, although devised by arrangement with the Association of British Travel Agents, is administered by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Any issues arising out of these booking conditions shall be subject to Scottish law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.